Vaginal dryness: what it is and how to treat it

Vaginal dryness is a problem that affects many women. Although it is usually associated with menopause, it can affect you at any stage of your life. If you have ever noticed discomfort in your intimate area related to dryness, we explain what may be the cause and how to relieve it. WHAT IS VAGINAL DRYNESS ? There are two elements that contribute to good vaginal health: flora and mucosa. Under normal conditions, the wall of the vagina produces a natural lubricant (mucosa) that helps keep the area hydrated. In parallel, a good state of the vaginal flora or microbiota, which are the set of microorganisms that inhabit and protect the vagina naturally and without causing harm, also contributes to good health. When this balance between both is broken, it is when the vaginal dryness occurs, that is to say, the diminution of the vaginal flow and bad hydration. Although it is usually a benign condition, it can sometimes be the first symptom of vaginal atrophy, an injury that must be treated a

How to Have a Healthy Sex Life

The value of a healthy sex life is very important for human being. In fact, according to the definition of the WHO (World Health Organization), sexual health is "physical, mental and social well-being related to sexuality, which is not only the absence of disease, dysfunction or disability". Today in I Take Care of Me and What, we review eight essential factors to take into account to have a healthy sex life, and we offer you some tips and natural nutrients that can help you to awaken your sexual appetite. 8 Factors for sexual fulfillment. Advice and nutrients 1. Healthy lifestyle Having healthy habits influences all aspects of life. Proper nutrition, physical exercise and, in general, healthy lifestyle habits directly affect our mood. For this reason, rest, physical well-being and health increase the predisposition of our sexual capacity. >> Remember that practicing aerobic exercise regularly will give you more strength, strength and vitality. 2. Active sexu

Yoga and its different styles

What is yoga and the different types The word yoga means mainly "union" and refers to the methods to reach this union. But what is it that you want to unite? On the one hand, it is about joining the mind, body, and spirit, to achieve a harmonious integration of all strata of the human being. A deeper goal leads to the union of the individual with the cosmos or universal consciousness. The goal of yoga, then, goes beyond achieving an athletic body, reliable and flexible. Its purpose is not to reduce stress or calm the mind, but without a doubt, all these are effects that are achieved with their practice. Yoga brings people with different expectations. For some, it is an ideal method to achieve relaxation, rest, balance, calm, or dedicate a moment for them. For others, it is a way to develop your mind and improve your concentration. Many approach yoga seeking the way to know themselves better and improve their potential. In other cases, the practice of yoga becomes a spiritua